Jackie Nourigat  is a free-lance artist and a self-taught painter. She uses watercolors, gouache, pastels, an acrylics. “Being an artist brings a person wholeness an fulfillment”, she believes. “As the artistic disciplines constantly flux and merge inside the human psyche, they offer a wonderful path for exploration, self-development and self-discovery. Painting to me is an adventure of the spirit. It is a bridge between the ‘I’, and the ‘eye’ and the limitless scope of human potential, through the alchemy of forms and colors. And as it brings contentment to the heart, it can only be an expression of love.”

Prior to coming to America, Nourigat, a french born citizen, traveled and worked for several organizations: As a journalist at French Radio and Television-PARIS, at UNESCO-PARIS, and as an Art Critic for different foreign newspapers.

Living in Las Vegas, Nourigat belongs to different Art Organizations and Galleries. One of her paintings “The Statue of Liberty” was chosen by the City and made to be represented among others as a banner in the ‘Aerial Gallery’ to adorn the downtown Las Vegas Blvd. Jackie was also the recipient of a Jackpot Grant from the Nevada Arts Council for her artworks and poetry.

“I love people who love people!”, says Jackie.


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