The Book: Once in a Cradle

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THE BOOK : ONCE IN A CRADLE is a gathering of long and short free-verse pieces of writings complemented by some paintings designed to work in synergy, where some visions of reality can find expression through an array of ‘harmonics’ (dreamlike, mythical, allegorical, folkloric, poetical, archetypal or symbolic), an array of imageries compatible with our inner complexities and their transformational power. . . .”Thus, by revealing and reflecting the psyche, these correspondences work towards the integration and harmonization of the different spheres of the Self (. . .) “The various issues chosen as subjects have to do with my humanitarian disposition fueled by the basic emotions of love and empathy.” (Quote from the author.)

All the paintings and writings are from the author.

Jackie was a self-taught painter. She started by copying the Masters, the way the Fine Arts Students in Paris are guided to do their groundwork at the Louvre. Some of these paintings are shown in THE BOOK. She was the recipient of a Jackpot Grant from the Nevada Art Council for several pieces of artwork and poetry contained in this Book