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Jackie Nourigat is a free-lance artist and a self-taught painter. She uses watercolor, gouache, pastels, and acrylics. Being an artist brings a person wholeness and fulfillment, she believes. As the artistic disciplines constantly flux and merge inside the human psyche, they offer a wonderful path for exploration, for self-development and self-discovery. "Painting to me is an adventure of the spirit. It is a bridge between the ‘I’ and the ‘eye’ and the limitless scope of human potential, through the alchemy of forms and colors. And as it brings contentment to the heart, it can only be an expression of love.

Prior to coming to America, Nourigat, a french born citizen, traveled and worked for several organizations : As a journalist at French Radio and Television-PARIS, at UNESCO-PARIS, and as an Art Critic for different Foreign Newspapers.

Living in Las Vegas, Nourigat belongs to different Art Organizations and Galleries. One of her paintings “The Statue of Liberty” was chosen by the City of Las Vegas and made to be represented among others as a Banner in the ‘Aerial Gallery’ to adorn the downtown Las Vegas Blvd. Jackie has also been the recipient of a Jackpot Grant from the Nevada Arts Council for her artworks and poetry.“I love people who love people!", says Jackie. "This is my motto."

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Jackie was awarded a Jackpot Grant from the Nevada Arts Council for several pieces of artwork and poetry contained in her Book ONCE IN A CRADLE.

The book is a gathering of long and short free-verse pieces of writings complemented by some paintings designed to work in synergy, where some visions of reality can find expression through a display of ‘harmonics’ (dreamlike, mythical, allegorical, folkloric, poetical, archetypal or symbolic), an array of imageries compatible with our inner complexities and their transformational power. . . .”Thus, by revealing and reflecting the psyche, these correspondences work towards the integration and harmonization of the different spheres of the Self (. . .) “The various issues chosen as subjects have to do with my humanitarian disposition fueled by the basic emotions of love and empathy”, a quote from Jackie.

All the paintings and writings are from the same author.

Jackie was a self-taught painter. She started by copying the Masters, the way the Fine Arts Students in Paris are guided to do their groundwork at the Louvre. Some of these paintings are shown in THE BOOK. 

Featured in the Book

The Statue of Liberty



As part of the 2003 Las Vegas Downtown Artists' Banner Project called "Aerial Gallery” conceived to celebrate a diverse community of local artists, this painting, "Statue of  Liberty"  was chosen by the City of Las Vegas to be made as a banner and stand for a year along the Las Vegas Boulevard, in downtown Las Vegas.

Poppies and Sunflowers


This  is the very first painting Jackie did as a self-taught artist.

Jesus, The Rainbow Man.


The Baboon



Gathered in a Council where they are mimicking Human composure, the Baboon having been selected as their President, The Animals have been given the privilege of expressing their opinions to discuss issues regarding their very means of existence and survival on Planet.Earth."

"NOURIGAT THINKING BABOON  uses a colorful palette to show an unusual Universe of Animals able  to discuss "issues of utmost importance" regarding their survival.

Jesus (the drawing)




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"The Minc Art Gallery"  in Henderson, Nevada, hosts Jackie's Art Work in the main Gallery Area. Jackie also has a  private viewing room where 50 of her works  are on display. The Art shows get changed there four times a year, along with any new paintings.  Signed Prints  are available in the Standard (8"X10") size. They come with a 2" mat, protected in a clear sleeve and are  priced at $35.00 USD. Other sizes can be custom -ordered and priced  accordingly.

The MINC ART GALLERY address is:  12 Sunset Way, Henderson, NV. 89014.

Gallery Owner:  Paul Mc Avene (702) 456-1476 .

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